ESEA Notification

It is a goal of the Glenburn Board to ensure that each class is taught by a high quality teacher. A system of supports and professional development exist to achieve this goal. The hiring process, new teacher orientation, and ongoing professional support were created as means to attract and retain highly trained staff. The administrative team strives to hire teachers who possess certification in the area of instruction to which they are assigned. New teachers participate in a local induction process that involves administrative support, mentoring for on-going certification, intensive professional development, and multiple avenues for feedback.
State certification is a minimum requirement for teachers in Glenburn. Each year, teachers engage in activities to promote their individual and collective professional growth. As part of this process, many teachers in Glenburn have achieved or are currently working toward advanced professional degrees. All staff members are constantly involved in activities to increase their knowledge and skills. Parents have the right to view the professional qualifications of any teachers to whom their child is assigned. Any questions or requests for teacher professional qualification may be made through the administrative office.